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Why Test?

While the consultation will give huge clues & helpful signposts as to what underlies a symptom or a disorder - sometimes a sharper focus is needed.  The information that testing provides allows precision protocols to be implemented giving validation to the process & as well as reassurance in the results.  The added motivation of seeing a theory backed up by trackable hard data can inspire great confidence & greater compliance.  In complex case - case histories throw up more questions than answers with many interconnected systems at play - testing allows less time to be wasted on potential theories & to fast track focus to where dysfunction has been identified.


Conventional & functional medicine often disagrees as to the interpretation of reference ranges used.  While a doctor may consider a test result within the normal range, a naturopathic practitioner will take into consideration where within the reference range it sits.  Is a result functionally high or low?  Still within normal range but is likely to be impacting on health -  the absence of disease is not the same as the presence of optimal health.


The field of functional & conventional testing is vast - the choice & combination of what to test seemingly endless & the consultation will point to the ones that may be most useful.  Please note that the cost of testing is not included in the consultation fee & will be additional. 


Some of key test include…

Green Vegetables


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