The Process

Just a quick synopsis of how I work with new clients & what you can expect from the process 

Discovery Call

Before booking a consult a quick chat is really useful to discuss your concerns, your hopes for the session & how the process works.  There is obviously no charge for this & it is great place to start.


Pre Consultancy Paperwork

Once booked in I will send you a questionnaire & diet diary to be completed prior to our consultation.  It is really important to get this information in advance so that I can prepare for our session & so we can make the best use of our time.


Initial Consultation

This session will last around 90 mins. I will take a very detailed case history, discuss your symptoms, establish your goals & understand your current eating & lifestyle patterns as well as your current & previous medical history.


Feedback Session

This session will last around 30 mins & ideally will happen within 48 hours of our initial session.  I will present your personalised protocol & you can ask questions & we can adapt the protocol as necessary.  It will include nutritional advice, lifestyle interventions as well as supplement recommendations.  Referrals to other practitioners & suggested functional testing are also included.


Follow Up Consultation 

Usually around 6 weeks after our initial meeting.  This is an additional consultation & not compulsory but can it very useful - a time to reflect on progress, adapt as necessary & reassess aims & objectives. An updated & adapted protocol will be provided to reflect progress & support your next step along your health journey.

Green Vegetables

Consultations & Programmes

  • A quick chat to find out what it is all about

    15 min

    Free of Charge
  • 90 min Initial Consultation & 30 min Feedback Session

    2 hr

    125 British pounds
  • 60 min Follow Up Consultation

    1 hr

    75 British pounds
  • 14 Day Plan. Price includes all sessions & supplements.

    1 hr

    275 British pounds
  • 28 Day Plan. Price includes all sessions & supplements.

    1 hr

    325 British pounds
  • 12 Week Plan: Price includes initial testing & all sessions.

    1 hr 30 min

    575 British pounds